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  • Houghton Macron EDM 110

    Houghton Macron EDM 110 Neat Oil for Spark Erosion 

    MACRON EDM 110 is based on aliphatic hydrocarbons with very low content of aromatics for improved working conditions. High dielectric strength and good flushing properties contribute to a high removal capacity.

    MACRON EDM 110 can be used with all standard electrode materials such as copper or graphite.


    MACRON EDM 110 is a universal spark erosion oil which shows very good results with both rough and fine machining. Even in very small erosion slots, the product shows a good flushing performance. It also performs well in EDT machines for roller texturizing.

    MACRON EDM 110 can be also used for grinding cutting tools (cemented carbide), and as low viscous spindle oil e.g. for narrow fit spindles and as magnaflux inspection oil.

    Approved by Waldrich and Makino.

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1 Artikel

In absteigender Reihenfolge
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