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Houghton Macron 2429 S-8

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  • Houghton Macron 2429 S-8

    MACRON 2429 S-8

    It is based on HC hydro crack base oil technology with very low aromatic content. A combination of polar, extreme pressure and anti-wear addivies provide the oil with high load carrying properties. The oil provides good surface finish of the machined work pieces.


    MACRON 2429 S-8 is free from zinc, chlorine and active sulphur.


    MACRON 2429 S-8 main application is for grinding cemented carbide with diamond wheels. The product is also suitable for grinding steel with CBN and ceramic wheels at high cutting speeds. The selection of additives along with low viscosity allows finest filtration even below 1 pm mesh.

    MACRON 2429 S-8 is inhibited against leaching of cobalt.


    Product is approved by Waiter, Schutte, Junker, Transor.



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1 Artikel

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