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  • Houghton MWS Additive AF 2220

    Houghton MWS Additive AF 2220

    MWS Additive AF 2220 is an effective defoamer for water-containing mineral oils and mineral oil-free cooling lubricants. 


    MWS Additive AF 2220 is usually at a concentration of 0.01 - 0.02% . 

    Before each new addition is necessary to wait until a thorough mixing has occurred.

    The defoamers should be added as long as until a sufficient foam collapse occurred (use concentration max. 0.05%). 

    The defoamer is premixed with water or used as an emulsion.

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  • Houghton clean 530

    Houghton Callina 2201

    It is a degreasing fluid based on specific isoparaffins.


    It has low aromatics and mild fragrance.

    Shell Callina 2201 has a high degreasing power and evaporates quickly.

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  • Houghton Dromus B

    Houghton Dromus B

    Water miscible metalworking fluid.

    Houghton Dromus B is a general purpose soluble oil for light to moderate duty machining on a wide range of materials.

    It is free from biocides.


    Dromus B is a high mineral oil content soluble oil for easy to medium duty machining, including grinding, on a wide variety of materials including ferrous as well as nonferrous metals.

    Recommendations for use: General machining 6 - 8 %, Severe cutting operations 8 - 12 %.

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  • Houghton Fenella VD 201 N

    Houghton Fenella VD 201 N 

    Neat Volatile Drawing Oil - 20148 Fenella VD 201 N is a low viscosity stamping and drawing oil .


    It does not leave a residual film after evaporation. The product is based on polar and anti-corrosion additives. Fenella VD 201 N does not discolour yellow metals.


    Fenella VD 201 N is an evaporative product for stamping and drawing of thin non-ferrous and ferrous materials. The product does not leave a residual film or react with paint.

    Degreasing of parts before assembly or welding is not necessary.

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  • Houghton Metalina Fluid B 200

    Houghton Metalina Fluid B 200


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  • Houghton Hocut 5019

    Previous Houghton Metalina Fluid BY 2211

    Applications of Houghton Hocut 5019:

    Hocut 5019 is recommended for grinding of cemented tungsten carbide tools where cobalt is used as a binder. The synthetic formula of Hocut 5019 contains a special additive package to prevent dissolution of cobalt by the coolant also contains polymer lubricity additives to improve wheel life and prevent dry evaporation residues on machines.
    A minimum concentration of Hocut 5019 is 5% recommended.

     Advantages of Hocut 5019:

    Features Hocut 5019
    Advantages of Hocut 5019 (short)
    Rejects tramp oil completelyExcellent component visibility with no spoilage of coolant.
    Inhibits dissolution of cobaltReduces risk to workers and environment.
    Outstanding low foamNo antifoam treatments necessary.
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  • Grotanol SR2

    Grotanol SR2


    Grotanol SR 2 is efficient against microbiological accumulation (bio-films) in systems and has an excellent immediate efficiency against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Additionally, grotanol SR 2 has anticorrosive and low-foaming properties.

    High concentrated and free of water.

    Effective even in very low use-concentrations.

    Usable for all steel-, copper and aluminium alloys.

    Suitable for low to medium alcalic medium (pH 8 - 11)

    Contains no organically bound chlorine (has no effect on the AOX value).

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7 Artikel

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